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The first pair of pantyhose appeared in 1959, and perhaps surprisingly, the inventor was a man whose wife no longer wanted to wear nylons held up by garters. From then on, pantyhose have been a wardrobe staple for many women. But the nylon hosiery aren’t always easy to put on without getting a snag or run -- a big fashion no-no when you slip into a cute miniskirt. Put your pantyhose on properly to ensure they stay run-free and give your legs a smooth, soft look.

Take off any jewelry on your hands, wrists, feet and ankles. This will help prevent the jewelry from snagging on the pantyhose.

Hold the pantyhose by the waist with one hand on each side. Make sure the tag on the pantyhose, if there is one, is in the back.

Gather the pantyhose fabric on one leg with both hands. Use your thumbs and forefingers to gather and condense the fabric until there's only about 3 inches left from the toes.

Slip your foot slowly into the opening. Adjust the pantyhose around your foot so the seam sits across your toes. Gather the pantyhose fabric on the other leg in the same manner, then slip your foot in and adjust the seam.

Pull the pantyhose up your legs, working on one leg at a time and unbunching the fabric as you go, until they are completely stretched up toward your waist. Go over each leg with your thumb and forefinger to pull the fabric upward toward your waist to make sure it’s tight and not bunched up.


Take off your pantyhose slowly and carefully, one leg at a time and working from the waist to the toe.

Keep your toenails smooth and trimmed when wearing pantyhose to help prevent snags and runs as you’re putting them on and wearing them.

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