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Adding beads is one way of decorating your dreadlocks. Specialized dreadlock beads can be purchased online at websites such as They can also generally be found in stores that specialize in arts and crafts materials. Beads can be found in a range of different materials including wood, metal and plastic. They also can be painted with a variety of different colors and designs. The beads are generally inexpensive and many can be found for less than $1 per bead.

Buy or collect a selection of beads with different-sized holes in the center. Trying each bead will allow you to see what sized hole the dreadlock beads need to be to fit tightly over a dreadlock. This is much like finding the right sized ring to fit a finger. This will allow you to buy beads easily online in the future. You may also find that your dreadlocks are of varied widths, meaning that you can use a variety of different-sized beads.

Apply a bead to the dreadlock by simply sliding it on like a ring. Move it up the dreadlock until the bead is fitted tightly enough and feels secure, so it will not slide off. The rough texture of the dreadlock will be enough to keep the bead from sliding as long as it is tightly fitted. Wearing the beads in your dreadlocks will also encourage the hair in the dreadlocks to stay locked together.

Keep the beads well cared for by removing them when taking part in any sporting activities or exposing your hair to chemicals such as hairspray, chlorine or hair dye. Keep the beads clean by removing them from the dreadlocks if they get dirty and washing them with warm water and soap. Pat the beads dry with a towel before reapplying to the dreadlocks.