shower image by Ekaterina Shvigert from Fotolia.com

Whether you wash your hair in the shower, in your kitchen sink or have it washed by a professional, you will want to protect your ears as much as possible. Water in the ear can cause a severe infection. However, there are several things that you can do to keep excessive water out of your ears.

Place a cotton ball in both of your ears. You don't want to place it inside of your ear canal, but at its surface. You can also use ear plugs when swimming or washing your hair.

Dry your ears with a towel while washing your hair. If a professional is washing your hair, make sure to ask for an extra towel to dry your ears. Usually the professional will pat dry your ears for you. If not, let them know that water is entering your ears.

Move your head from side to side to remove the excess water within your ears. Pulling and shaking your earlobes lightly as you lean your head sideways may also be helpful in removing excess water from your ears.

Place a hair dryer a couple of inches away from your ears to dry them. Put the heat on low.