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Getting makeup on your clothes can be embarrassing and costly to clean. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help prevent makeup transfer to clothes. Fighting moisture is the key to keeping makeup off your clothing. Moisture can cause makeup to slide or rub off your face. Thus, keeping your face dry is essential. Some simple tricks and tools can help you reduce the chance of makeup transferring to your clothing.

Apply primer to your face before you apply your makeup. Makeup primer is designed to help makeup stay on your face by creating a smooth surface and soaking up oil.

Wear waterproof makeup. Waterproof products are less likely to rub off on clothes because they fight moisture.

Set your liquid foundation with powder and makeup setting spray. Powder dries your foundation, and makeup setting spray prevents flaking and sliding off.

Blot your face periodically to prevent oil buildup. Blotting papers soak up excess oil.


Switch to a powder-based foundation to further reduce moisture.