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Crystallization is the process by which honey becomes solid. The honey's glucose, less soluble than fructose, crystallizes when it separates from the water. You can microwave the honey to dissolve the crystals, but you may prefer to prevent crystallization entirely. Freezing honey prevents crystallization, although it may have to thaw before it can be poured easily.

Pour honey into an ice cube tray for individual servings. Use a larger container if you use large amounts of honey at a time.

Wrap the ice cube tray or container with plastic wrap and freeze. The honey will not completely freeze but will become very thick. The plastic wrap prevents other freezer odors from seeping into the honey, and it will keep your freezer clean should the tray tip.

Remove the required number of cubes and place them directly into your recipe, or let them thaw on the counter for easier stirring. Each cube holds approximately 1 tbsp.


An entire container of honey can be frozen as well; defrost for 30 minutes or so before using.