How to Preserve Bread

By Kristal Smith

Bread is a type of baked food that consists of meal or flour, various liquid ingredients and most of the time, yeast. Other ingredients may be included depending on the type of bread being made. There are various way you can preserve your bread. However, bread should never be left open to the air for a large amount of time. Doing so will cause your bread to become stale. Always store any type of bread in a cool dry area.


Wrap dry, crusty breads in paper. The paper will allow the crust to remain hard and the bread can breathe. Breads wrapped in paper often become stale within a day. If more than a day of preserving is needed, you can wrap the bread in plastic wrap or a plastic bag and then place the bread in a very cold, dark place, such as a cool pantry or freezer. You may need to place the bread in the oven to allow the crust to become hard again if the freezer causes it to soften. If using a plastic bag, squeeze out all of the air.

Store soft bread, such as sandwich bread, in plastic. Put it in the freezer, or a cool, dark place. Do not allow the bread to be exposed to sunlight, which can cause condensation in the wrapper, creating mold on the bread. Sliced loaves stay fresher if frozen and they thaw more quickly than unsliced loaves.

Store soft, enriched breads in a paper bag if you intend on drying the bread out to make bread crumbs. Don't store it in plastic, or the bread will mold due to moisture and will not become hard.

Allow baked bread to cool before placing it in plastic storage. This will prevent condensation in the bag, which will stop mold from developing.