By LeafTV Team

Freezing fresh shrimp allows you to stretch the shelf-life of this delicacy, but doing it wrong can leave you with freezer-burned, inedible seafood. Fresh shrimp may be frozen either in the shell or with the shell removed.

Freeze shrimp to enjoy later.

Step 1

Wash the shrimp in plain water and remove the heads and the dark veins that run down the back.

Step 2

Add the salt to a quart of cold water and wash again. Drain thoroughly.

Step 3

Package in the shrimp in a moisture- and vapor-proof container.

Step 4

Label the container and freeze. The sooner you get fresh into the freezer after bringing them home, the better.

Step 5

Thaw by placing the shrimp container in a larger container that you fill with cold water. Let sit for a few hours and remove the thawed shrimp.