Strawberry toaster tarts

Along with the Pop Tart, Pillsbury's Toaster Strudel has become a popular addition to the American breakfast table. Although the two pastries are similar in concept, the Toaster Strudel's light, flaky crust and sweet, gooey icing set it apart from its competitors. To prepare a Toaster Strudel, all you'll need is a toaster, the strudels and an appetite for a warm and fruity breakfast.

Pop the strudels into your toaster and set it between medium-low and medium heat. Pillsbury recommends using the same toaster setting you'd use to make golden-brown toast.

Wait patiently for the strudels to cook. They'll smell delicious almost as soon as they start to warm, but they need time to defrost and get that light, crispy texture that makes them famous.

Pull the strudels out of the toaster once they've finished cooking. Place them on plates and dress them with icing. They'll still be piping hot, so give them a few seconds to cool. Experiment with the visual presentation of your strudel. Spice things up by drawing shapes, letters, numbers or faces with the icing.

Serve your Toaster Strudel with a side of fresh fruit to make your breakfast more nutritious. Strawberries, melon, banana and pineapple are good choices.