A Black and Tan is a popular layered drink made with one dark and one light beer. Traditionally the dark beer is Guinness and the light beer is either Bass Pale Ale or Harp’s Lager, depending on the bar or bartender.

Things You'll Need

Pour the light beer into a pint glass. Use half of a bottle of Harp’s Lager or Bass Pale Ale. Tilt the pint glass slightly as you pour the “tan” portion of the Black and Tan. Pour it quickly so it creates a distinct head. This makes layering the two beers easier. The pint glass needs to be only half full once the beer settles.

Hold the spoon over the pint glass. Flip it over so the back side of the spoon faces you.

Add the dark beer into the pint glass. Use half of a bottle of Guinness. Pour the Guinness slowly and carefully over the back of the spoon. This is the “black” portion of the Black and Tan. Try not to disturb the tan portion of the drink. The goal is to have two distinct layers of beer.


  • Instead of a regular spoon, try using a Black and Tan spoon. These spoons are made specifically for pouring the Black and Tan and are fitted to a pint glass.