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Opals are a beautiful and fragile gem that come in different types and sizes. If you have opal jewelry, it's important to clean and polish the stones regularly to provide the best appearance and longevity for the opals. It's crucial to remember that opals have a glass-like consistency, so treat them very carefully as they can easily scratch and chip.

Fill the bowl with a couple cups of lukewarm water. Add a mild dish detergent to use as a cleanser for the opals. Let the mixture sit until the water is room temperature.

Wear gloves if you desire, but make sure they're soft with no abrasive texture. Dip an opal into the soapy mixture using your fingertips. Softly rub the sides of the opal to get rid of dirt or oils.

Remove the opal from the soap and water and use an extremely soft brush to slowly polish and buff the opal's sides. Do this once over the opal. Using something abrasive on the opal will scratch the surface and ruin the shine and particles of the opal gem.

Dip the opal back into the water. Remove it and pat it dry with a cloth to end the polishing process.

Check the opal's setting to make sure it isn't loose. Continue wearing the stone after washing and polishing.


Be very careful with opals. They should be taken off when showering, gardening, doing any strenuous activity or in extreme temperatures.