How to Permanently Curl Eyelashes

By Hallie Engel

Curling your lashes opens up your eyes, making them look bigger and bolder, and helping you look awake and put-together. Though nothing will keep your eyelashes permanently curled, certain treatments and techniques can give them body and volume that lasts anywhere from hours to weeks. A curling mascara, applied with a specially designed wand, also enhances your lashes, giving your eyes that extra oomph.

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Lash Perms Last 6 Weeks

Just as perming your hair can give you curls on your head, perming your eyelashes can put a curl where there wasn't one before. Eyelash perms last for as long as six weeks -- and are the closest you'll come to a permanent effect. Consult a trained professional at a reputable salon, who will expertly wrap your lashes around a small rod, treat them with a perming chemical, and cover them with a cloth to trap heat and lock in curl for 15 to 20 minutes. After the rod is removed, a conditioning moisturizer is applied to your newly curled lashes.

Curling with Heat

Heat up your eyelash curler using a blow dryer -- or use an electric eyelash curler -- to make your lashes stay curled for longer. The effect, however, is not permanent. Hold a metal eyelash curler under a hairdryer for a few seconds to heat it up. Press it against your hand to make sure it's not too hot, then gently clamp it over clean lashes. Pull them back toward your brow and hold for half a minute. Electric eyelash curlers warm up automatically, giving you the heat to create curls without any guesswork about the temperature. Apply mascara after curling to lock in the look.