By Stanley Washington

Wine is made from a fermenting process that involves grapes and has been consumed by people for thousands of years. Wine is often served with dinner and can be paired with many foods. There are certain foods that go well with certain types of wines. White wine is sweet is and is often paired with salty foods to contrast the two flavors.

White wine is sweet in comparison to red wine.

Step 1

Choose to snack on salty foods. White wine contrasts well with foods that are salty. Blue cheese is often paired with white wine because it is salty and contrasts well with the sweetness of the white wine.

Step 2

Serve white meat with white wine to snack on. A great appetizer to pair with white wine can be small selections of white meat.

Step 3

Discover your own snack combinations. Experiment with snacking on new foods and drinking white wine. Everyone has different so pairing snacks with white wine will ultimately depend on the person consuming it.

Step 4

Ask your guests what they would like to snack on while drinking white wine. Your guests may have different tastes than you, and you should consider those tastes when choosing which snacks to serve.