How to Package a Cake for Mailing

By Katie Leigh

A homemade cake is a great gift for almost any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. However, getting that cake to a loved one who lives far away can be tricky. When packaging a cake for the mail, you'll need to keep a few things in mind. First, the cake needs to be a hearty variety that isn't affected as much by changes in temperature and rough handling, such as pound cake. Second, the cake should not contain icing, ganache or any other type of decoration or filling that can spoil or melt. If frosting is necessary, it's best to package it separately in an airtight container and allow the recipient to apply it to the cake.

Hearty, plain cakes are best for mailing.

Step 1

Wrap up the cake. If you're concerned about plastic wrap sticking to the cake and peeling away the outer layer, sink toothpicks into the cake so that just a bit of their points stick out. Then, wrap the cake in a layer of plastic wrap, then a layer of aluminum foil. The toothpicks should keep the plastic wrap from touching the cake too much.

Step 2

Wrap the cake in several layers of bubble wrap, securing the edges with tape.

Step 3

Place the cake in a bakery box. The box needs to be just big enough for the cake to fit in; if it is too large, the cake will shift too much during transport. Pour packing peanuts into the crevices around the cake, if necessary. Close and seal the box with tape.

Step 4

Tear off strips of packing tape and roll them into rings with the sticky part facing out. Apply the tape rings to the bottom of the bakery box. Place the bakery box inside the cardboard box, pressing down firmly. The tape will anchor the bakery box in the cardboard box.

Step 5

Wrap the airtight container of icing in bubble wrap, if sending, and slide it into the cardboard box next to the cake. Make sure the icing is firmly packaged so that if it melts, it won't leak into the cardboard box.

Step 6

Pour packing peanuts into the cardboard box around the cake and icing containers. Close the cardboard box and seal it with packing tape. Write "fragile" and "perishable" on the sides of the cardboard box with a permanent marker.

Step 7

Purchase postage that will get the cake where it's going within a few days, as it will not keep for the average amount of time that it takes for packages sent with basic postage to reach their destination.