How to Operate the Chiller Part of an Oster Electric Wine Opener With Chiller

By LeafTV Editor

The right bottle of wine chilled to the ideal temperature can be a perfect finishing touch for a gathering or dinner party. The Oster wine opener and chiller gives you a chilling bucket to keep your wine bottle cool and ready to serve. The electric opener matches the chiller bucket, giving you a seamless look when you display them.

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How To Operate The Chiller Part Of An Oster Electric Wine Opener With Chiller


Set the wine chiller bucket in the freezer for five to six hours before using it.

Remove the chiller bucket from the freezer. Place an unopened bottle of wine in the chiller bucket.

Add ice around the wine bottle to provide additional chilling. Wait one to two hours for the wine to chill. Remove the bottle from the bucket, remove the foil and open it with the electric opener.


  • Start with a cold bottle of wine and omit the ice, if you prefer.