How to Nurse a Hangover

By LeafTV Contributor

Alcohol is a toxin that, depending on how much you drink, can leave you feeling nauseated, tired, sore and thirsty/dehydrated. Your liver, the body's filter, is metabolizing the alcohol into sugar and waste products, and your entire body is working to flush the waste from your system. It's always a good idea to drink water when drinking alcohol, to help minimize its effects.

Man with hangover has ice pack on his head
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Dealing with a rough night

Step 1

Drink plenty of water. Water is great for keeping the cleansing process going while removing toxins and getting you rehydrated from alcohol's dehydrating effects. You also can drink sports drinks that don't have caffeine or other diuretics, or fruit juice.

Step 2

Eat plain toast or other bland food. These can increase your blood sugar and ease an upset stomach. Get some salt and potassium by eating bouillon soup.

Step 3

Take aspirin and Motrin before you go to bed after drinking. Aspirin will allow easier blood flow to cleanse the toxins. Motrin will help with the muscle soreness. Both can help with headaches.

Step 4

Ingest bicarbonate, which you can get from Tums, Alka-Seltzer, or baking soda. This reduces the acid in your stomach, which is higher than normal in response to the alcohol. Follow the directions that come with the product.

Step 5

Get some sugar. Alcohol depletes blood sugar, and a little replenishment the next day will help. Get it in its rawest form, such as in the raw or organic honey to minimize stress on your digestive system.

Step 6

Don't overeat, drink again, pound coffee or caffeine, all of which are destructive habits that just mask the misery.

Step 7

Go back to sleep. This will help your body recover and get you through pain easier.