How to Naturally Regrow Eyebrow Hair

By Laura Leiva

Whether you are losing eyebrow hair naturally or you plucked too much the last time you shaped your eyebrows, it is possible to grow back the hair. With the help of nutrient supplements, home remedies and guidance from your doctor, you can grow back thicker and healthier eyebrows over time.

Home remedies help your eyebrow hairs grow.

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Step 1

Take Vitamin B6 supplements each day to add nourishment to hair, nails and skin. suggests taking a daily supplement of 100 mg of the B6 vitamin to strengthen and encourage growth of hair.

Step 2

Check with your physician for an anemia test. Iron is necessary in providing oxygen to cells that encourage hair growth. A lack of iron in the body, known as anemia, may be limiting eyebrow hair growth. Improve iron and protein levels in the body once the test is confirmed by eating leafy green vegetables, fish, eggs, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Step 3

Choose a home remedy to improve hair growing conditions if you over plucked the eyebrows. Dip a clean cotton ball into olive oil, and wipe the oil across the eyebrows. explains that olive oil helps to thicken eyebrows.

Step 4

Avoid plucking the eyebrows, even if you feel they don't look even. Over-plucking the brows not only leads to increased hair loss, but can also cause irritation and ingrown hairs, according to Hair Boutique.

Step 5

Cover up patchy areas in the eyebrow while you wait for the hairs to grow back. Non-comedogenic eyebrow powder allows you to cover patchy areas with color without irritating the hair follicles and skin. Many formulas contain Tocopherol, which is a Vitamin E and antioxidant, and Ascorbyl Palmitate, a Vitamin C and antioxidant. According to PickyGuides, eyebrow powder ingredients also feature emollients to soften and condition hair while it grows.