The appearance of the face is very important to feeling good and happy. When lips appear too large for personal taste, self-confidence can decrease. Small changes can naturally make lips appear smaller and give back the confidence that self-consciousness can cause. Though lip size cannot be reduced permanently without surgery, there are definitely ways that lips can appear smaller.

Drink plenty of water. When the body is dehydrated it holds onto water, and that can cause areas of the body to retain the water in a visible way. This can make the lips look larger.

Avoid lip gloss. Lip gloss makes lips appear fuller and larger, so this can be a problem when lips are already full. Instead, use a lipstick that is a similar color to your skin tone. Lipstick does not plump the lips, and using a color that is similar to your skin tone can make lips less noticeable.

Put foundation on your lips under lipstick. This will give the effect of smaller lips with minimum extra effort.

Commit to an exercise routine for your lips and face. Exercise will get rid of excess fat on the face and lips, which will ultimately make your lips a little smaller. Enunciating tongue twisters is a good exercise for the lips.

Smile. A smile will pull your lips and make them thinner. This is temporary, but it’s effective and friendly.