How to Mix Lemon Curd With Whipping Cream

By D. Laverne O'Neal

Whipped cream is known for its airy character, creamy feel and fairy-tale fluffiness. Lemon curd, made of lemon juice (and possibly extract, peel, zest and or oil), eggs, sugar and butter, boasts an equally delectable flavor and look -- but a consistency that lies at the opposite end of the spectrum. The mere thought of combining the two into a single dessert is enough to start one's mouth watering. The act of melding them takes a bit of attention.

Whipped cream can be successfully combined with lemon curd.

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Step 1

Whip the cream in a chilled bowl just until soft peaks form. If you whip it until it is stiffer, folding in the lemon curd will be more difficult.

Step 2

Spoon in the lemon curd. Add lemon curd at a ratio of not much more than 1:3. If you add too much, the egg-laden density of the curd will overwhelm the air-infused lightness of the whipped cream. The result will be more dense than is appealing.

Step 3

Fold the curd lightly into the whipped cream, by drawing your spatula through the curd and cream at the center of the bowl and lifting the cream up over the curd. Turn the bowl slightly as you lift the spatula from the mixture. Return the spatula to the center of the mixture and repeat this process of mixing, lifting and turning until the curd is fully incorporated into the cream. Do not press down on the mixture or use a lot of pressure in the process, as you will only succeed in deflating the whipped cream.