How to Mix Drinks Containing Seagram's Gin

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Seagram's gin recipe was originally developed in 1857. It is one of the few gins that is aged in oak, giving it a mellow flavor and pale amber color.

How To Mix Drinks Containing Seagrams Gin
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How To Mix Drinks Containing Seagrams Gin

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Seagram's original Extra Dry Gin builds on a base of juniper berry with orange peel, cinnamon and floral notes. These flavors make it a good all-purpose gin, and able to form the base of classic gin cocktails. It also plays well with sweeter mixers.

In 2012, Seagram's introduced a line of fruit-infused gins in flavors, including peach, pineapple, red berry, lime and others.

These classic cocktails highlight the subtle flavors and aromas of gin.

Use Seagram's line of fruit-infused gins to explore the sweeter side of cocktails.