Yams make for a glorious and very healthy alternative to the boring old baked potato and are filling enough to stand on their own for a light lunch. You can make your yam dish even easier when you simply pop it in the microwave.

Things You'll Need

Leave the yam in its skin but wash it, scraping off any dirt with a stiff brush.

Pierce the skin of yam in several places using a small knife or fork.

Wrap the damp yam loosely in a wet paper towel or two, insuring it’s fully covered.

Place the wrapped yam on a microwave-safe plate and zap away. Use 5 minutes on high power as a starting point for medium-sized yams. The time will vary based on your yam’s size and your microwave’s power.

Test for readiness by poking a fork into the yam. It should be soft but not too mushy. If it is not done, cook an additional 30 seconds, then check again. Repeat if needed.


  • After cooking, slice up the yam in thick slabs and sprinkle with generous amounts of curry, cumin and cayenne pepper.

  • For a low-fat and healthier alternative to sour cream, use plain low fat yogurt mixed with some chives.

  • Yams taste wonderful with equally thick slabs of Granny Smith apples.

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