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Gummy bears are small, squishy multi-colored candies that have been a favorite treat of both children and adults for years. Gummy bears can be eaten either by themselves or used as part of a dessert. They are a popular topping for ice cream and melted gummy bears can be baked into cookies and cakes or poured over a dessert. Melted down gummy bears can add a fun and unique touch to a dessert or celebration.

Determine how many gummy bears you want to melt. If you are following a recipe, the amount should be listed, otherwise, you can estimate. Find a large, microwave safe bowl or container that will hold all the gummy bears easily with no risk of spilling. Note: Gummy bear liquid will re-harden fairly quickly, so for best results you should be prepared to use gummy liquid as soon as it becomes a liquid. If you need to prepare a dish or dessert for the gummy bears to go on, you should do it prior to or during the melting process.

Place the gummy bears in bowl. Place bowl in microwave.

Set microwave to half power. This will help your gummy bears melt evenly. Turn microwave on for 5 minutes.

Check gummy bears to see how melted they are. If they have not completely melted, return them to the microwave for another 5 minutes. Continue doing this until gummy bears have completely melted. Use melted gummy bears as desired.


If you do not want all the flavors to mix together or want to maintain a single color for your melted gummy liquid, sort your gummy bears by color prior to melting them. Do not allow the different colors to melt together if you want your liquid to be a certain color.


Use normal cooking safety precautions while performing this task.