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Cocoa butter, obtained from the cacao bean, is a pale-yellow, pure vegetable fat. Cocoa butter has a light chocolate aroma and flavor, accompanied by a smooth consistency. Cocoa butter is useful when making many baked goods as well as certain toiletries. According to Stephanie L. Tourles, author of "Organic Body Care Recipes," when applying it to the skin, it often is necessary to melt cocoa butter into a more pliable texture. Additionally, some cooking recipes call for melted cocoa butter. Melting cocoa butter is quick and simple, requiring only a few simple supplies.

Fill a large glass bowl three-quarters of the way with water. Heat it in your microwave until it begins to boil.

Remove the bowl of water from your microwave carefully, using potholders so you do not burn yourself. Set it aside.

Place your cocoa butter into a sandwich bag. If you cocoa butter has already crumbled from drying, simply place the chunks into the bag. If you have a block of cocoa butter, slice it into 1 inch thick pieces before placing them into the sandwich bag.

Seal the bag, removing most of the air.

Place the sandwich bag into the bowl of hot water, holding it by the top so only the portion with cocoa butter submerges. Watch the cocoa butter; it should visibly melt within 2 to 5 minutes. After the cocoa butter softens or liquefies, remove the bag from the hot water.


If you intend to apply cocoa butter to your skin, do not allow it to liquefy. This often creates small, hardened grains.

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