By Lynda Van Kuren

Getting the proper fit for a ring, including the pinky ring, affects how you feel about the ring and how often you wear it. When a ring fits correctly, you don't even know it is on. If it fits incorrectly, it can be annoying or painful. Both loose and tight rings can irritate your skin. Also, if a ring is too loose, you can lose it.

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Getting the right fit for a pinky ring requires careful measuring.

The correct fit depends on the ring's style as well as your finger size. For example, you generally need a bigger size for wide-banded rings. Whether or not the ring has a hollow gallery, often used with rings with gemstones, also impacts its fit. Hollow galleries enable rings to slip easily on your finger. Rings with comfort-fit bands have a shaped inner surface. Both ring types require a smaller size.

Measure Your Finger

Step 1

Download a ring sizing guide. These guides provide two formats for determining ring size: a measurement scale and circles to which you match a ring that fits you. They are available on many major jewelry store websites.

Step 2

Cut a piece of paper that is about 3 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. You can also use a piece of string or ribbon. However, these materials may stretch, and they are harder to work with.

Step 3

Hold one end of the paper on top of the base of your pinky. Wrap the paper around your pinky until it meets the end you are holding. The paper should form a circle. While the paper ring should fit your pinky snugly, make sure it is also comfortable.

Step 4

Place a mark where the paper meets its end.

Step 5

Measure the distance from the end of the paper to your mark.

Step 6

Print out the ring sizing guide. Make sure your printer is set on 100 percent.

Step 7

Compare your measurement with those on the ring sizing guide. If you are between sizes, use the larger size.

Step 8

Double-check the sizing.

Measure a Ring

Step 1

Find a ring that fits your pinky finger.

Step 2

Download and print out the ring sizing guide. Make sure your printer is set on 100 percent.

Step 3

Place the ring on top of the circles on the ring sizing guide until you find a match. Then check to be sure the inside edge of your ring is lined up with the outside of the circle.

Step 4

Double check the sizing.