How to Massage With the Occipital Cranial Release Technique. In sacral massage therapy, a trained masseuse performs light massage on key points around the skull to induce relaxation and lower stress levels. By performing these small manipulations, brain focus is improved and the client receiving the massage can penetrate deep relaxation modes very quickly. Below are guidelines for the initial massage called the occipital cranial release technique.

Lie client down on their back on a massage table. Ensure the head is supported when massage is not being performed using a pillow.

Position a large seat sized medicine ball on the floor next to the clients head and sit down. The medicine ball allows you to rock back and forth with the motion of the massage making the massage much more fluid for the client and yourself.

Locate the occipital cranial ridge with your fingers. The ridge is located at the back of the head where it meets the top of the neck. This is the point at which spinal fluid enters the skull and is often a point of pressure.

Use the thumbs to gently rub and knead the ridge. Create a "J" shape with your thumbs over and over again at a rate of 7 or 8 times per minute. This is in time with the natural flow of spinal fluid into the area and should feel very relaxing to the client.

Ask client if they are comfortable or feeling any distress or pressure at the point the massage is taking place. If the client is not enjoying the massage, then you should stop and look for other areas of tension or distress.

Massage the occipital ridge for at least 10 minutes. The client should become very relaxed and any pressure felt beneath your thumbs should melt away as you complete the massage.