How to Massage Foot Nerves. About 75,000 nerve endings in your foot connect to other body parts. Massage the toes, medial or inside nerves and lateral or outside plantar nerves in the foot. This will improve nerve flow to the muscles and encourage better movement. It is possible to restore energy, relieve stress and improve blood circulation when you massage foot nerves.

Find a comfortable position for the person lying on her back. Apply massage oil to the first foot.

Use a gentle light stroke with your thumbs on the top of the toes, and increase the pressure as you continue to work on the top of the foot toward the ankle.

Put oil on the other foot and repeat the massaging process on the top of the foot.

Choose either a back or stomach lying position to work on the bottoms of the feet. Have the soles of the feet facing you to massage foot nerves.

Wrap your fingers and hands around the foot as you wiggle your thumbs to put light pressure on the bottom of the toes. Start with the big toe, and work across the rest of the toes to the small toe.

Knead the foot with your fingertips and thumbs, and increase the pressure as you move from the toes to the heel of the foot. Rub the middle of the foot and then both sides.

Repeat the process for the other foot to massage foot nerves.


Include the ankle in the process to give a relaxing massage. Make it easier to work by propping the feet up on a resting device.