How to make your shoes fit perfectly

By Danielle Klahr

You have a great pair of shoes that you love the look of, but they don't fit you as well as you'd like them to. They may be too tight, a little too big, pinch your feet or give you blisters when you wear them. There must be a way to make those shoes more comfortable! There are a few ways to make your shoes fit perfectly. You may want to try one, or a combination of a few until you achieve the perfect fit.

Those gorgeous shoes don't have to hurt.

Step 1

Fill two plastic bags with water and place inside your shoes. Place the shoes in the freezer overnight. The water will expand as it freezes, stretching your shoes as it does.

Step 2

Apply rubbing alcohol to the entire shoe or to any area that is too tight. Wear the shoes for several minutes. Repeat this process until the shoes have stretched enough to be comfortable.

Step 3

Wear the shoes around the house with a pair of thick socks. Walk around in them wearing the socks as much as possible to break in the shoes and stretch them a bit.

Step 4

For shoes that are two big, cut up a pair of pantyhose and stuff pieces of the nylons into the toe of your shoe. The material will take up room in the toe box, but is soft enough to be comfortable against your toes as you wear the shoes.