want to make your own vanilla latte syrup? need a quick fix because your out of store bought syrup? Well I have a recipe here, and I tell you you would never know the difference between starbucks or home made, my family can't!

1 Cup water 1 Cup Sugar (if you want it sweeter use 2 C sugar, I only use 1 and it's sweet enough for me, I'm not a hummingbird LOL) 1 Teaspoon vanilla extract

bring water and sugar to a boil, stir until sugar is dissolved and water is clear

remove from heat and add vanilla extract immediately, this will burn off the alcohol in the vanilla extract since it is hot, but still keep the vanilla flavor

let cool, and then put in a storage container, I use 1/8 Cup of syrup for a normal coffee cup size of latte, add or decrease to your own taste, you can also double this recipe to make more on hand


  • you can buy the pump mechanisms that starbucks uses on their containers from starbucks themselves just ask....what I did was purchase a large bottle of vanilla and the pump, and ask them how many pump do they put in a tall, grande, and venti, and how many ounces is each cup, then when I cam home, I check how many ounces my cup is, and converted it, then made my own syrup from then on out :-D