Track suits are the ideal outfit for any kind of exercise. Pants and sleeves come in all kinds of different lengths, ensuring that there is a track suit perfect for the activity in which you wish to participate. Also, the jacket of the track suit can be removed so that the athlete may just wear the pants and a light-weight shirt in order to be cooler. However, track suits can often be expensive to buy. If you have basic sewing skills, though, you can easily make your own track suit that fits your budget and your needs.

Lie down on the fabric and have a friend use the chalk to trace around your body from your waist to your ankles, then back up your legs to the crotch area. Add some extra width all around so that the width of each leg is equal to half the circumference of your leg. Cut this piece of fabric out.

Lay the piece from Step 1 on top of the fabric and use it to cut out a second half of the pants. Lay one fabric piece directly over the other, right sides together. Sew them together, leaving the waist and the bottom of each leg open.

Hem the bottom of each pant leg under about 1/4 of an inch. Hem the waist of the pants, making a 1-inch waistband.

Turn the pants right side out. Cut a small hole in the front middle of the waistband, hand stitching the raw fabric edges of the hole so that they don't fray. Thread the drawstring all the way through the waistband and tie a knot in each end.

Lie down on the fabric again and have a friend use the chalk to trace your body from your neck to your wrists, then back up your arm and down your body to your hips. Add enough width to this piece to that the width of each arm is half the circumference of your arm.

Use the piece from Step 5 to trace and cut out the second jacket piece. Place one of the pieces directly on top of the other, right sides together. Sew these two pieces together, leaving the bottom and the neck open.

Cut straight down the middle of the front of the jacket, from neck to hem (this is where the zipper will go). Hem the neckline and the waist.

Add the zipper to the front of the jacket. Add any desired embellishments to the pants or jacket, such as stripes or patches.