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Hair that is straight or doesn't hold curl can be frustrating for someone who really wants a curly hairstyle. There are dozens of products on the market promising full, luscious curls. Unfortunately, they also come with a full price that may not be within your budget. Luckily, there is a very easy homemade recipe to give your hair curls. This formula only requires ingredients that you most likely already have at home, so you may not even have to make an extra trip to the store.

Warm the distilled or filtered water. This will help all the ingredients dissolve quicker.

Pour 8 oz. of the warmed water into a spray bottle. A funnel may be necessary if the bottle has a very small opening at the top.

Add 1 tbsp. sea salt to the bottle. Again, if the opening is very small, you may need a funnel to do this. If you are using the same funnel, make sure it is dry, or the salt will absorb the water and cake up, making it hard to get it through the funnel.

Pour 1 tbsp. of conditioner or hair serum into the bottle. If you have a favorite styling product other than serum, it can also be substituted here. For example, if you have a natural oil such as jojoba that you prefer to use on your hair, it can be added instead of the conditioner or serum.

Pour several drops of essential oil into the bottle, if desired. The essential oil is not necessary, as it does nothing to make the hair curly. It does, however, add fragrance. Lavender is one favorite that also has a calming aromatherapy effect.

Replace the cap on the bottle, and shake well until all ingredients are dissolved and combined.

Spray onto clean, dry hair and scrunch with your hands until curls being to form, them allow to dry so the curls will keep.


If you live near an ocean, you can fill the bottle with sea water instead of sea salt and bottled water.