If you have eaten a beet, you may have noticed its ability to stain anything it touches. This makes it a wonderful product to incorporate into a vibrant, natural, red lip stain. Unlike raspberries or cherries, the beet’s highly saturated color will remain on your lips for a long time as you talk, eat, drink and go on with your day. On your lips, the color looks sheer and effortlessly pretty. Buy beet powder from your local natural food store and mix up a lip stain worthy of your favorite cosmetic brand.

Things You'll Need

In a saucepan, warm the walnut or almond oil and beeswax on low to medium heat until the mixture has melted to a liquid. You may also melt the ingredients in the microwave.

Add beet powder and stir well until the color reaches your desired shade of red. A minimal amount of powder will produce a bright, dark pink while a greater amount will create a rich crimson color. The mixture may appear to separate, but it will congeal when cooled.

Spoon the lip stain into a small plastic container or empty cosmetic palette.

Apply to lips with a cotton swab or lip brush when the lip stain is completely cool.


  • You may also apply the beet juice directly to your lips. Simply mash beets in a small plastic bowl and apply. Be sure to use a cotton swab or cosmetic brush to avoid staining your fingertips.

  • For women with fair skin, bright red lip color can sometimes be too much and “wash out” the skin tone. To lighten the color of the stain and make it less intense, add a small amount of water to the beet juice.

  • You may be able to find beeswax at your local craft store or farmer’s market. Buy sunflower, walnut or almond oil at many supermarkets or health food stores.