How to Make Your Hair Smell Better Without Washing It

By Cameron Sherber

You want your hair to smell fresh all day, but you don't always have time for washing and drying. There are a number of ways to achieve your goal so you no longer have to worry about offensive hair or scalp odors. With a few over-the-counter haircare products, you can have pleasant-smelling locks in no time. Even without a traditional shampoo, it's possible to have hair that smells freshly washed.

Keep your hair smelling fresh throughout the day without time-consuming shampooing.

Step 1

Dry shampoo your hair. Simply spray your hair with the dry shampoo of your choice, allow the product to set for several minutes and then comb it out. Your hair will be be clean and smelling great.

Step 2

Spray your hair with perfume. You can use traditional perfumes to effectively improve the smell of hair, but the beauty industry has created special hair perfumes to make hair smell as though it has just been washed.

Step 3

Sprinkle your hair with baby powder. Allow the powder to set for about five minutes, which is ample time to soak up any oil. Brush it out. This works particularly well for people with smelly hair caused by excess sebum.

Step 4

Your hair odor could be the "burnt hair" smell synonymous with heat-based straightening treatments. Apply a heat-protectant spray to your hair before straightening.