Once it was unimaginable for a woman to want a larger behind, but no more. Butt implants are on the rise as slender women go for a more prominent backside. Fortunately, butt implants are not the only option for a bigger rear. In fact, just by choosing the right clothing and standing up correctly, you can make your booty appear larger.

Look for jeans that have spandex in the waistline. This will allow the jeans to hug the curves of your body, making your butt look bigger. Choose pants with some lift that will separate your butt from your thighs. Pants with large pockets or sequins on the back can make a butt appear larger.

Practice good posture. Stand up straight, slightly arch your back and keep your head up and shoulders back. This will make your butt look bigger simply because it's slightly pushed out when you stand up straight.

Wear high heels. Even shorter heels, around three inches, will make you stand up straighter and push your butt out slightly, making it appear more prominent. Heels also help to make legs look more shapely.

Purchase padded panties. This may seem like a silly idea, but the panties are actually designed to give the butt area a lift, making it appear larger and more shapely.

Exercise those butt muscles. Squats help to tone and lift the behind, making it appear larger and more shapely. Do at least 50 squats a day, and you'll see a difference within a month's time.