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Yeast extract is used to make food products with processed yeast. Generally, yeast extract is made from removing the cell walls from the yeast. Yeast extract can be used in food additives and flavoring or for bacterial culture media. Yeast extract often is found in foods like Vegemite and Marmite, which are used as spreads on bread or crackers for a more enhanced food flavoring.

Place baker&#039;s yeast in the steel pot. Pour water into the pot.

Cover the pot and incubate the yeast on a stovetop with water at a temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of 24 hours with light stirring once per hour. This ruins the health of the cells of the yeast, causing the internal parts to degrade.

Remove the cover of the pot after 24 hours, at which point the yeast should be separated into liquids and bits of solids.

Let the yeast extract stand in the cold before separating the liquid from the solids by using a strainer. The liquid remainder is the yeast extract, which then can be used as a tasty spread on its own or with some flavoring additions (for example, butter or jam).

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