How to Make Wine out of Grape Juice

By LeafTV Editor

Store-bought grape juice provides the base for an easy, inexpensive wine to make at home. This grape juice wine is a great way for novice wine makers to get started. This wine requires a few wine making specific dry ingredients but no special equipment. It tastes great and is ready to drink in just a few weeks.

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How To Make Wine Out Of Grape Juice


Sterilize all of your equipment.

Boil the water and dissolve all the sugar in it. Remove the sugar water from the heat and add the frozen grape juice concentrate.

Add additional water, campden and the remaining ingredients (except for the yeast) to the grape juice mixture.

Cover the opening of the container with a napkin. Fasten it with a rubber band and set it aside for 24 hours.

Activate the wine yeast according to the instructions on the yeast packet.

Add the activated wine yeast to the grape juice mixture and recover the container with the napkin.

Ferment the grape juice mixture for five days. Stir once or twice per day. Remove the solids from the top of the grape juice wine mixture with a slotted spoon and add additional campden.

Pour the grape juice wine into an airtight container using a funnel. The container can be capped off with a screw cap. It does not have to be corked. Wait 30 days as the grape juice wine undergoes additional fermentation.

Stabilize the grape juice wine by adding campden. Sweeten the grape juice wine to taste.

Rack your now ready to drink grape juice wine in airtight bottles.