watermelon balls

Dismantling a whole watermelon is no easy feat. Using a knife often yields cubes lacking in uniformity. A melon baller makes the whole process a lot easier. Watermelon balls are decorative -- and refreshing -- in a fruit salad or as part of fruit skewers.

Although this kitchen tool, which resembles a mini ice cream scoop, might at first seem to be extraneous, it can be quite useful for many tasks, from coring apples to removing the pits from plums. Wash the watermelon completely first. This prevents any dirt or contaminants from entering the flesh as you cut it.

Cut the watermelon into halves, or quarters if it's especially large. Cut off a bit of the rounded rind at the bottom of each half so the melon slice will stay steady as you use the baller.

Insert the melon baller into the watermelon flesh. Rotate the baller around to get a sphere of melon and pop it into a bowl. Repeat until you've used all the juicy fruit.


Work in a pattern, such as from the inside out, to use all the fruit.

A regular spoon will yield oddly shaped balls, but a measuring teaspoon or tablespoon will work in a pinch. Use the spoon that matches the size of ball you wish to create. You'll need to finesse the rotation a little more to get them symmetrical, but use the same technique you do with a melon baller.