How to Make Vodka

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make Vodka. Vodka is one of the world's most well known liquors and is the key ingredient in the most popular mixed drinks. Using grains such as rye, wheat, corn, potatoes or molasses, a person is able to make vodka. You'll need to have a home still in order to make vodka.

Step 1

Make sure that all of the parts of your still are clean and free from any debris. Clean the equipment with a bleach and water mixture.

Step 2

Pick which ingredient you'll use to make your vodka. The mashing process varies according to what substance you use. When using grain, add purified water and heat it up for about an hour.

Step 3

Take the contents of the mash and insert it into the boiling chamber of the still. Make sure to light the heat source and watch as the alcohol evaporates and moves into the collection bottle. Be sure to distill the vodka at least three times, cleaning the equipment each time.

Step 4

Discard the first and last 50 milliliters of vodka that you collect after each distillation. This eliminates the bad methanol in the alcohol that is dangerous to handle.

Step 5

Build a funnel and place a cotton ball at the bottom. Stick activated carbon in the funnel and pour the vodka into a bottle. This process is filtration and creates a smoother vodka.

Step 6

Consider diluting the vodka. Dilute the vodka with purified water at a ratio of 3 to 4.