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Start to Finish: 5 hours - overnight Servings: Variable Difficulty Level: Beginner

For those who prefer to eat their cocktails, vodka-infused gummy bears exist in a sweet, colorful and boozy universe somewhere between chocolate liquor-filled candies and Jell-O shots. While you don't have to be a master mixologist to whip up these novelty treats, the key to making vodka gummies the life of the party lies in putting your own spin on the creation. With flavored vodka and a little attention to detail, you can make this quirky confection even more distinct.


  • Gummy bears
  • Vodka


Pour the gummy bears -- or any other type of gummy shape -- into a lidded container and cover them with the vodka of your choice. Higher-quality gummies and vodka make for better-tasting treats; in particular, seek a smooth liquor, as these candies can pack a punch. No need to drown the gummies; it only takes about a cup of vodka per 5-ounce bag of bears. They're fully soaked once they are covered in vodka.

Replace the container's lid and allow the gummies to soak in the refrigerator. You have some wiggle room here, depending on how boozy and how firm you want your bears. Just a few hours allows the candy to soak up enough vodka to increase in size and retain most of its firmness, while soaking overnight makes for stronger but squishier bears.

Drain the remaining vodka and keep it chilled for later use. Serve the bears as finger foods while they're still cool.

Tips and Variations

Give your bears a tangy twist with flavored vodka. Fruity flavors naturally complement gummies -- explore blueberry, citrus, melon or raspberry for a sure bet. Don't be afraid to mix flavors, such as orange and pineapple.

Vodka-infused gummy bears lend themselves to all sorts of adult-oriented sweets. Top a strawberry, lemon or confetti cupcake with spiked gummies, or take a tip from Food Republic and freeze them into fruity popsicles.

Break out the gummy-infused vodka you saved to make a companion cocktail for your party:

  • Rim a shot glass with colored sugar, shake one part gummy-infused vodka and one part apple schnapps over ice, and serve cold.

  • For a playful take on the “tequila worm” myth, serve one part gummy vodka and one part melon liqueur in a sugar-rimmed martini glass with a gummy worm resting at the bottom.

Other liquors work just as well as vodka. Serious Eats recommends whipping up a batch of “Rummy Bears,”, but you can use everything from cinnamon whiskey to peach schnapps to infuse your gummies.


Avoid soaking the gummy bears for much more than eight hours, or you'll be left with oozy, jelly-like candies rather than party-friendly finger foods.

Keep these adult-only candies away from kids. Some communities have reported problems with teens sneaking alcohol via vodka-infused gummies, so drink responsibly and keep your sweets strictly in adult hands.