This is a recipe to make vodka gummy bears. When they are done soaking, you will have gummy bears that have grown to perhaps twice their size and will be full of vodka. The gummy bears keep their regular taste, but they pack a more powerful punch.

Things You'll Need

Buy a pound of gummy bears and put them in a tall glass or mug.

Pour vodka into the glass of gummy bears until it covers the gummy bears.

Cover the mug with plastic wrap and put the mug in the fridge for about five days. Don’t get afraid after two days or so when there is a lot of sugary goo that is some remnants of the sugar from the gummy bears mixing with some of the remaining vodka. This will go away after the four days of soaking in the fridge, and all that will be left will be giant soaked vodka gummy bears.

You might also find some fruit-flavored vodka at the bottom of the glass. It might not look like something you would want to serve to others, but it will be just fine for drinking.


  • By using giant gummy bears, you can make it a whole different experience.

  • You can do several different variations on this, by using different types of flavored vodka and different gummy candies.

  • By using Goldschlager and cinnamon gummy bears you can get a whole new liquor candy.

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