How to Make Virgin Jungle Juice

By LeafTV Editor

Jungle juice is a wonderful drink to make, simply because there are so many variations and so many ways you can tweak the recipe to suit your own tastes. While it's usually a notoriously alcoholic drink, making a virgin version of it is extremely easy.

Jungle juice
credit: Amawasri/iStock/GettyImages
How To Make Virgin Jungle Juice


Chop the banana and pineapple into chunks and put them in the blender.

Add the orange juice and coconut.

Blend until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Add a handful of ice and a pinch of ginger.

Blend until the ice is crushed.

Pour the mixture into a tall glass and enjoy!


  • Keep some of the jungle juice in the refrigerator for later.

  • The beauty of jungle juice is its flexibility. Try adding more or less of the ingredients to taste. You can also throw in some other tropical fruits, like kiwi, to change the flavor.