How to Make Vanilla Snow Cone Syrup

By Tucker Cummings

On a muggy summer day, few foods are appealing enough to eat. No one wants to cook, but if you are planning to entertain, you may want to have a cool, refreshing dessert on hand. One sweet treat that always help to beat the heat is a snow cone. Snow cones (shaved ice topped with flavored syrup) are a great dessert, and while it may take a while to shave the ice, making a vanilla-flavored syrup is very easy.

Kids love snow cones in the summer.

Step 1

Heat 48 oz. of water in a large stockpot until boiling.

Step 2

Add the sugar and stir until it dissolves.

Step 3

Remove stockpot from the heat after 3 minutes and allow to cool completely.

Step 4

Stir in the vanilla extract or flavor concentrate thoroughly.

Step 5

Use the measuring cup to fill the gallon jug. Seal and refrigerate, making sure to use the syrup within a month. If you want to preserve the syrup, mix in one oz. of sodium benzoate to act as a preservative, followed by .25 oz. of citric acid. This will further prolong the product for another one to two months.