How to Make Toe Thongs

By LeafTV Contributor

Toe thongs, foot thongs, barefoot sandals and beach sandals all amount to the same thing. They are all things that go on the foot but cover very little skin. They are basically just for fun and casual situations. They are typically adorned with beads, and can be made so easily that some people can have a pair to compliment any attire.

Step 1

Measure your foot from around the ankle, then crisscross and around your index toe. The basic rule is the cord of the thong should be 5 inches shorter than this measurement. So if the measurement is 21 inches, chain-stitch your cording to a length of 16 inches. Join the two ends together into a circle and tie them off.

Step 2

Once your chain stitches are joined, lay them flat as if it were two pieces side by side. Bring the sides together and form a small knot about 3 inches up from one edge. This makes a small loop that will go around the toe and a large loop that will go around the ankle.

Step 3

Thread the needle with the nylon thread. Sew the beads onto the knotted section of the toe thong.

Step 4

Cut a single piece of cording 24 inches long. Bend it in half so each end is even with the other and lay it flat. At the opened end, thread both ends of the cording through two crystal beads. Set these about 3 inches from the other end, then make a simple knot under these beads. After this knot, string beads onto the ends separately so you have two sides. Make a small circle and knot underneath and tie it at the back of the ankle.