Make up a big batch of hooch for your next gathering. Part of the fun of hooch is there are so many variations that you may never taste the same hooch concoction twice. The basic ingredients include grain alcohol, fruit and some kind of fruit beverage. Mix and match your favorite fruit flavors to create a custom hooch recipe your guests are sure to love.

Things You'll Need

Pour the fruit drink into the bucket.

Place the fruit into the colander and wash it well under cool water.

Peel, core and cut the fruit into slices on the cutting board using the knife. Add the fruit to the fruit drink in the bucket.

Pour the alcohol into the bucket.

Mix all of the ingredients well.

Add ice to the hooch to keep it cold and serve it immediately.


  • Grain alcohol is a double-distilled spirit with 95 percent alcohol content. It is clear, tasteless and very potent. If you cannot find grain alcohol, substitute vodka in the hooch recipe.