How to Make Sugar From Sugar Cane

By LeafTV Editor

Man's relationship with sugar cane has been intact through all of recorded history. It began in Polynesia and traveled to India around 510 B.C. There, sugar traveled to other countries, earning a hefty profit for retailers of the day. Learn a lost art and understand what early man went through to get their sweet tooth satisfied.

Fresh sugarcane
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How To Make Sugar From Sugar Cane


Buy sugar cane from a retailer, such as Fresh Sugar Cane in California. Most vendors perform a preliminary wash before putting the cane out to sell, but you want it to be free from clinging dirt before you cook it.

Wash the sugar cane for several minutes with running water. Press the sugar cane repeatedly with large rollers.

Boil and cook the resulting liquid and allow the water to evaporate. Get rid of the dirty foam that accumulates on the top of the syrup.

Discard the fibrous product left over and pour the resulting syrup into a large pan to cook further. Continue boiling until crystals occur. The result is raw sugar that is brown in color.

Dry the sugar in a dryer that uses hot air. After it is dry, blow cool air over it for several days.


  • You can find sugar cane growing in California, Louisiana, Hawaii and many other countries worldwide.