By LeafTV Contributor

There's no shortage of options in the grocery aisle if you want to go with store-bought sugar, but it may surprise you just how easy it actually is to get yours straight from the source. With a little bit of time and an even smaller amount of work, you can extract the good stuff straight from the sugarcane.

Fresh sugarcane
credit: comzeal/iStock/GettyImages
Just as easy as turning lemons into lemonade, make sugar out of sugarcane.

Step 1

Wash under running water for several minutes. Most vendors perform a preliminary wash before putting the sugarcane out to sell, but you want it to be free from clinging dirt before you cook it.

Step 2

Press the sugarcane repeatedly with large rollers, using a bowl to catch all of the extracted juices.

Step 3

Boil and cook the resulting liquid and allow the water to evaporate. Make sure to discard the dirty foam that accumulates on the top of the syrup.

Step 4

Toss the leftover fibrous product and pour the resulting syrup into a large pan to cook further. Continue boiling until crystals occur. The result is raw sugar that is brown in color.

Step 5

Dry out the sugar in a dryer that uses hot air. After it's completely dry, blow cool air over it for several days.