How to Make Stuffed Pork Chops Quick and Easy

By Ashley Black

Stuffed pork chops pack a flavorful punch, and although this recipe sounds complicated, it is surprisingly easy to make. The quick and easy recipe is basic and tasty as-is, but you can customize your dish by adding extra ingredients as desired. Pre-made stuffing mix is recommended for the quick and easy recipe, but making your own stuffing is a great alternative if you have a little more time.

Put stuffing in pork chops like this one for a flavorful meal.

Step 1

Create a pocket in each pork chop by cutting a 2-inch-by-2-inch slit down the middle. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and set pork chops aside.

Step 2

Prepare stuffing mix as directed and place stuffing mix into each pork chop pocket. For ease of stovetop cooking, stuff pork chops until they are full but not overflowing, then tie with butcher's string. For baked pork chops, overstuff as desired and do not tie.

Step 3

Cook in butter or olive oil at medium or medium-high heat for stovetop preparation. Brown both sides of each pork chop. When pork chops are completely cooked, remove from heat and serve.

Step 4

Bake pork chops as an alternative to browning them on the stove. Line a baking pan or casserole dish with aluminum foil or spray with non-stick oil. After stuffing, place pork chops in the pan and bake in the oven at 350-375 F for 30 minutes or up to one hour. Remove, let cool and serve.