By Melody Dawn

Stove Top stuffing is a boxed convenience food that is made by Kraft Foods Inc. The General Foods Co. introduced Stove Top to the public in 1972. General Foods would go on later to join with Kraft Foods to become Kraft General Foods in 1989. Stove Top mimics regular stuffing, but it is very quick and easy to make. This makes it an excellent choice among those who do not know how to make traditional dressing.


Choose the type of Stove Top stuffing that would work well with your meal. There are several different flavors of Stove Top to choose from, including low-sodium varieties. Choose from pork, turkey, chicken, cornbread, herb and sage. Typically, you will use the pork stuffing with pork products and chicken stuffing with chicken products. The herb, sage and cornbread dressings are all-purpose dressings that can be used with many types of meals. There are several regional blends of Stove Top that can be found in select locations. These are long grain rice, mushroom and onion, and roasted garlic.

Place a pan on the stove and add 2 1/2 cups warm water and 2 tbsp. butter to the pan. The butter will melt in the pan of water after the water is brought to a boil.

Turn the stove on medium heat and wait for the water to come to a boil. After the butter has melted, turn the stove off and remove the pan from the heat. Gently stir the water to mix up the butter.

Open the container of stuffing and pour the entire contents into the water. Gently use a fork to fluff the stuffing and mix it with the water. Do not stir too hard, or the stuffing will be mushy; instead, use the fork to fold the stuffing into the water.

Cover the Stove Top with a lid and allow the stuffing to sit on the stove for a few minutes to absorb all of the excess liquid. This typically takes about 15 minutes. Use the fork to gently fluff the Stove Top again.

Remove the Stove Top from the pan and place it into a serving dish.