Most men prefer to have sideburns, and they can be worn many different ways. While some prefer to keep them short and neat, others like to don long Elvis chops. A simple hairstyle can be transformed with the right sideburns. Pointy sideburns look attractive on men with pointy chins and with short haircuts. You can achieve these stylish sideburns at home with a pair of clippers or scissors.

Things You'll Need

Trim your sideburns so they are not too long, as this style does not look as good on long side burns. Do this with clippers. Simply place the comb in the sideburn to the length you prefer and buzz off the excess hair.

Turn your clippers on.

Position the clippers at the point of the sideburn farthest from the ear and at a 45-degree angle, following the contour of your ear.

Pull the razor toward the ear to remove the hair and create the point. Make sure you are following the contour of the ear.

Position the clippers on the inside of your sideburn (the side closest to your nose) to create a point on this side. Angle the clippers at the same angle you used before and now pull toward your face to remove the hair. Even out the point.


  • Do not shave sideburns any higher than where the ear meets the head, or they won’t look right.

  • Make sure the sideburns are even on both sides.