Salmon is good healthy food, but not desired by many because it often possesses a fishy taste that can overpower the best of recipes. I find nothing more unappetizing than going to a restaurant and ordering a promising mouth-watering salmon dish from the menu, only to find out that the salmon I ordered tastes as bad as some fish smells. I realize that when you eat out you're not going to wind up with a good tasting piece of fish every time you order salmon, but I also know you can make your own salmon dishes at home and prepare them in a way that will be more than appealing. With the following method of preparation, you will find that almost one hundred percent of the time the ingredients in your salmon recipes (not the distasteful fish flavor) will seduce your taste buds. Here's what you need to do before you cook your salmon:

Wash your hands well.

Place the salmon on the cutting board with the side of the salmon that has areas of brown flesh facing up.

Position the edge of the serrated knife on an angle, alongside the brown flesh borderline, and cut all of the brown flesh out of the salmon.

Discard the brown flesh you cut out from the salmon.

Now prepare the salmon according to your recipe.


  • Be careful not to cut out any of the pink flesh while you are cutting out the brown flesh. You may think that the brown flesh runs through to the other side of the salmon, but it doesn't. You should only need to cut out the top layer of flesh.