How to Make Russian Vodka

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make Russian Vodka. Many people think Russian vodka is no different from other brands, but it is very different. You can make vodka with potatoes, grains or sugar and beet molasses. Russian vodka has a distinct flavor due to the black grain, metal impurities and living water used in the distilling process. Russian vodka is the most popular brand in the world. It is clear in color and commonly found flavored.

Step 1

Work hard at sanitizing all the equipment you have gathered to distill Russian vodka. Dirt and other foreign particles will change the flavor of the vodka. Each time you distill your vodka, sanitize the equipment first.

Step 2

Search for the correct mash creation. Shop for carbohydrates first and move on to complex sugars. Different ingredients require different mashing styles.

Step 3

Purchase black earth grain from fields in Russia. Black earth grain grows solely in the Voronezh region. This particular grain is the most expensive and highest quality grain in Russia.

Step 4

Learn fast that in Russia, live water is natural spring water. Live water is soft and has therapeutic properties. In Russia, dead water is water from the west.

Step 5

Get water from a natural spring well in Russia. Remove harmful elements for the spring water, but keep in the natural minerals. It is these minerals mixed with the black grain that separate Russian vodka from all the other brands.

Step 6

Move into the final stages of Russian vodka production by filtering the alcohol through silver membrane filters and sand columns. This purification process brings Russian vodka to its highest quality. Russian vodka is smooth and pure.

Step 7

Discard the first and last milliliters of alcohol you distill. It contains methanol.