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Rag curls, or "poor woman" curls, are an economical way to get bouncing ringlets. Rip the rags from old sheets or a worn-out cotton shirt, in strips that wrap around sections of the hair. Leave the rags overnight and your head will be full of ringlets the next morning; a quick tousle with your hands will make you ready for the day.

Tear the old sheet into 4 to 5-inch-long strips. They need to be long enough to wrap the hair around and tie off in a knot. Tear, or cut, the strips to a 1/2-inch width. Tear enough to cover your entire head.

Separate the first 1/2-inch section of your hair away from the rest. Begin from the front of your head and work your way back, separating out 1/2-inch sections as you go. If you want smaller ringlets, separate out smaller sections of hair.

Mist each hair section with water until slightly damp. Rub gel or mousse into the section before rolling. This will ensure the curl remains smooth after you remove the rag.

Wrap the end of each section of hair around the center of a rag. Roll the rags up the length of the hair toward the scalp.

Tie the ends of the rag together around the hair. Tie the rag into a bow, and add a double knot for more security.

Leave the rag curlers in your hair overnight. Cover the curls with a shower cap to protect your hair.

Remove the rags the next morning. Remove each rag separately and carefully.

Mist the curls with hairspray to set them, then lightly separate them with your fingers.

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