How to Make Old Fashioned Hot Water Cornbread

By LeafTV Contributor

Hot water cornbread probably is the easiest and most traditional Southern cornbread. When finished, hot water cornbread should have a consistency like hush puppies.

Corn sticks in pan
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Cornbread sticks

Step 1

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.

Step 2

Pour the water in the frying pan and bring to a rapid boil.

Step 3

Pour the boiling water in the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients and stir.

Step 4

Heat the oil in the frying pan -- just enough to cover the bottom. Pour the oil into the mixture. Stir well. The mixture should have a lumpy, paste-like consistency.

Step 5

Form pancake-like shapes by spooning out the mixture and placing it in a hot frying pan. When the batter is golden brown on the bottom, flip over and repeat browning. Cook on each side only once.

Step 6

Remove from heat and serve with your favorite Southern-cooked vegetables.