How to Make Non-Pierced Body Jewelry

By Axl J. Amistaadt

Common body jewelry includes earrings, belly rings, lip rings and nose rings. If you're not interested in the pain and permanent commitment of body piercing, you can still enjoy non-pierced body jewelry. Although non-pierced jewelry is readily available commercially, it can be pricey. Fortunately, it's quick, easy and inexpensive to make a non-pierced belly button ring. Use the same technique to make any other type of body jewelry.

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Step 1

Use needle-nose pliers to remove the post or hook from a dangling earring that you don't want anymore.

Step 2

Apply a small dot of eyelash adhesive to the inside, upper arch of your belly button. Affix the top of the dangle to the dot of adhesive. Gently hold it in place with your finger until it sticks.

Step 3

Put a tiny dot of the adhesive ½ inch directly above your belly button. Press a bead to the glue and hold it in place until it sticks.

Step 4

Affix a small rhinestone sticker halfway between the top of your belly button and the bead. This creates the illusion of having two piercing rather than one, and makes your non-pierced belly button ring look realistic.

Step 5

Use eye-makeup remover or eyelash-glue remover to dissolve the adhesive when you're ready to take off your non-pierced body jewelry.